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Hello! I’m Danielle

Licensed Therapist

I am a Native Missoulian and a lover of Montana’s beauty, people and massage community. Helping others is my passion! I specialize in Integrative Deep-Swedish massage and Rock Tape.

As a Medical Massage Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist and Radiologic Technologist, my background has provided a great understanding of human anatomy and how muscle and bone structure can limit or improve movement throughout your body. Maintaining physical health and balance is a must in daily life. I enjoy helping individuals achieve this balance holistically by integrating several techniques and focusing on injury prevention/treatment, postural correction and stress relief.

In 2007, I began my journey learning about Health and Human Performance at the University of Montana. I graduated with an Associates Degree in Applied Science~Radiologic Technology. Always having a deep passion for helping people, I knew I wanted to further my education of the human body and find ways to help individuals achieve their needs holistically using alternative medicine.

To fuel my passion, I attended the Costa Rica School of Integrative Massage in 2013, where I learned to incorporate many modalities of massage and essential oils to fit my client\’s needs. In 2017, I earned my Rock Tape Certification in addition to a Medical Massage Practitioner Certification and many other Massage and Radiologic courses over the past 5 years to gain more knowledge and experience of human anatomy and the physiology of how muscles respond.

To incorporate a well rounded wellness program for my clients, I also work with doTERRA and Isagenix to provide healthy and clean options throughout the day. These are all products I have found to be beneficial to my lifestyle while also helping reduce toxic load in my body, home and office.

I truly enjoy educating individuals about the benefits of massage and natural products that can be used to help
live a natural, healthier, and happier life. You can learn more about massage and these products on my SERVICES page.
In my spare time I enjoy the great outdoors and also stay active in the community through volunteer work, hospice massage and being Chair Member of the Biz to Biz-Missoula-2.


Danielle Maxwell LMT#4584